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Private Escort Adelaide -When Size Matters Make His Small Penis Feel Big

For most women, size does matter. Unfortunately, you can’t ask how small or big his package is on the first date. That would be rude, especially if he’s a great guy. So, prepare for the worst. Make his small penis feel big with these tips and tricks.

Adelaide Escort GirlsHot foreplay. Experts say that the amount of blood that flows towards the penis can greatly contribute to size. Not to mention hardness. So, work it out sister! Make foreplay the best he’s ever felt and seen and feel him get huge by the minute.

Vagina Exercises. Ever heard of Kegel’s exercise? It’s about flexing your Kegel muscles down there (like holding your pee when the comfort room is occupied). Vagina exercises not only boost pleasure sensors but also create more friction.

Penis Massage. Why not start the night with a relaxing massage? Believe it or not, muscle tension in the groin can make the penis shorter. By massaging his pelvic region, groin muscles can relax, releasing the full length of his penis in the process.

The Sex Pillow. Apparently, some pillows are made not just for sleeping. These so-called love pillows are designed to give you that extra lift during sex. By placing one under the buttocks, his penetration can easily reach your pleasure spots.

Positions, Positions. As they say, nothing is impossible when it comes to sex. Penetration and friction can be intensified with the right position. For a small-sized penis, you just have to get him deeper – find the right angle in doggie and missionary.

Wouldn’t it be better to find out his size before a meaningful connection even begins? How can you tell if a guy is hiding something small? Watch out for the following signs.

  • Small guys often proclaim themselves as masters of oral sex; it’s just a matter of compensating elsewhere.
  • Guys never talk about matters that bother them. So, small guys won’t even touch the whole ‘penis’ subject.
  • If there comes a time that the topic would be brought up, they would preach that ‘size doesn’t matter’ anyway. They’ll never let you win.

What better way to turn a man on than a threesome surprise? Start a sex adventure with one of the ladies of Private Escort Adelaide. Enjoy the experience yourself!

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