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Private Escort Adelaide – Positions for Magnitude of Orgasms!

Every man desires to experience orgasmic pleasures, just as much as everyone wishes to be a part of this ever phenomenal “orgasm kingdom.” Indeed, it’s actually a common mindset, which every man and women surely won’t deny. Apart from the said common outlook, there’s another erotic mission that somehow ignites – a target that’s now more »

Private Escort Adelaide – 3 Tactical Approaches For Hotter Sex

The ways of the warrior can be applied in the different facets of your life. Do not limit the things you’ve learned in one thing when you can put it to good use on another. As for guys in the military, there are some disciplinary measures that you can put to effect when you’re having more »

Private Escort Adelaide – Emergency Room Sex Stories: From Hot to Embarrassing

If you think you’re the only one with an embarrassing sex story, you’re wrong. You’re not the only one who got something stuck down there or hurt himself in the process of a new sex position. Here are some which even ended up in the ER. 1. A heart-stopping lubricant. An unconscious couple was rushed more »

Private Escort Adelaide – Sex Tips: Scents That Can Drive Men Crazy

Skip the musk! Candies, baked goods and fruits are some of the scents that will make men drool.  There have been studies that show the kind of smell that can attract men. Surprisingly, it’s not just perfume! It can be the smell of common foods that they find arousing. Instead of rubbing pastries all over more »