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Private Escort Adelaide – Emergency Room Sex Stories: From Hot to Embarrassing

If you think you’re the only one with an embarrassing sex story, you’re wrong. You’re not the only one who got something stuck down there or hurt himself in the process of a new sex position. Here are some which even ended up in the ER.

1. A heart-stopping lubricant. An unconscious couple was rushed to the ER due to a sudden drop in blood pressure. They were found lying on top of each other in the girl’s basement. It was later found that the girl has mistaken her grandma’s nitroglycerin paste for a lubricant and used it. They regained consciousness after receiving fluids and oxygen.

2. Shower me with your love. An ambulance brought in a woman who knocked out two of her teeth with blood dripping from her mouth. She later admitted that the reason behind her ‘shower-injury’ was a very naughty one. She and her boyfriend were trying some new sex moves in the shower then she slipped and fell forward.

3. Stuck on you. Vagina’s get muscle cramps too, too bad if it happens during sex. When a woman -in sexy black lingerie- on top of a naked man (she was straddling the guy) was rushed to the ER, doctors knew it was a case of a cramped vagina. Doctors simply gave her muscle relaxants and the vagina eventually let go.

4. Allergic to nuts. When a woman learned that flavored body oils can make sex interesting, she decided to try it. She chose strawberry oil and applied it all over her body and made her boyfriend lick it off. During sex, he suddenly couldn’t breathe so he was rushed to the hospital. Turns out, he suffered from peanut allergy because the oil’s by-product was nuts.

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