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Private Escort Adelaide – 4 Steps for Better Oral Sex

While talking about oral sex is considered taboo in some cultures, in the West it’s viewed as part and parcel of great sex. In a recent survey made by the US National Survey of Family Growth, 80 percent of males and females aged 18-40 reported participating in oral sex. Fifty-five percent of men and women aged 15-19 also reported experiencing oral sex. Now ask any woman how she feels about oral sex, and many will say that they truly feel good getting it. So to make her happy, here are four nearly-effortless steps on how to give Private Escort Adelaide the best oral sex of their life.

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Don’t Be Shy To Use The Vibrator

According to sex therapists (and even the most seasoned Adelaide Escort Girls), the average woman takes twenty minutes to climax from oral sex, thus the guy may need to be down below for quite some time. If you want to spice things up, why not try using a vibrator? Use something small and handy, and place the vibrator on the clitoris, while your tongue can continue licking the labia area.

When using the tongue to pleasure your girl, you could also try putting the vibrator inside her (although slightly angled toward her belly button) so that it will stimulate her G-spot (which is a spongy tissue around two inches inside her vagina that’s loaded with lots of sensitive nerves). This should help her reach an explosively intense orgasm.

Make Her Feel Relaxed

Many women often feel conscious over how long it’s going to take for them to orgasm during oral sex. According to sex experts, if the woman is not relaxed, then she’s likely not going to enjoy the tongue-lashing and licking episode, and she may even take extra time to reach an orgasm.

So to make the experience fun and satisfying, guys should make their female partners feel comfortable, by reassuring them that everything’s okay down under.  If the girl feels that her guy’s not rushing things, then she’ll feel better, and she’ll like the whole experience too.

Put A Pillow under To Lift Her Butt Up

To make oral sex comfortable for you (and to enhance her sensations), make sure her position is comfortable. You could try putting a pillow below her butt, so that her pelvis will be lifted up. This should give you more space to operate on, and this should make her feel extra incensed too!

When the girl’s lying on her back, try to keep her knees opened wide, so that you’ll have more areas to work with, and she’ll feel more juicy sensations. To make things less cumbersome for you, you could kneel on a soft pillow, so that you can conveniently navigate your tongue in-and-out her love hole.

Pay Attention To Her Body Movement

When giving her oral sex, don’t just stick your head down, and not look up. By paying attention to how she’s gyrating her hips, moving her legs or how she’s breathing, you will truly know if she really likes what you’re doing, or not. If you don’t want to listen to how she is behaving or responding to your actions, why don’t you jerk off by your lonesome self instead?!

The road to pleasurable sex is not just paved with a lot of good intentions, but with great oral sex too. Veteran sex therapists, and even expert Adelaide Escort Girls, will agree that great oral sex is grounded on good preparation (and a lot of innovation). So give her all your best, and you’ll be sure that she’ll want to go down on you regularly too!

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