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Private Escort Adelaide – Sex Tips: Scents That Can Drive Men Crazy

Skip the musk! Candies, baked goods and fruits are some of the scents that will make men drool.  There have been studies that show the kind of smell that can attract men. Surprisingly, it’s not just perfume! It can be the smell of common foods that they find arousing. Instead of rubbing pastries all over your body, here are the kinds of scents that you must look for to make the most of men’s tastes.

Vanilla Scent

1.     Vanilla

Vanilla was believed to be a natural aphrodisiac. Dated back in 1700s, these were recommended to male patients to guarantee potency.  Today, some guys can attest that the sweet and welcoming aroma holds a euphoric effect that can set the sensual mood.
Doughnut Black Licorice

2.     Doughnut and Black Licorice

In one research, this sweet combination can increase the arousal of more than 30 percent.  You can’t blame it!  Men also have this complicated relationship with Krispy Kreme.  So start lathering up with a bath & shower gel that smells like liquorice. This is something that will drive him crazy!

pumpkin pie

3.     Pumpkin Pie

The smell of pumpkin pie, especially when mixed with lavender will make your man go nuts! It was theorized that men reacted to the vanilla and cinnamon found in the pie and bother of these scents claimed to have aphrodisiac qualities. Now it’s time to take a bath using Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.


4.     Orange

When this citrus smell is produced, it can have an arousal reaction of almost 20%.  Every man will surely have his senses tingling. Add it up with a sweet apples and soft floral scents to depict a picture of orange blossom.
Lily of the Valley

5.     Lilly of the Valley

Finally, something that guys can respond to that doesn’t come from the kitchen but a smell from nature.  This delicate white flower releases a light and subtle scent that men love. The perfect one to buy is Calvin Klein’s Eternity Summer.  The sweet floral scent is something that he can’t resist.

If you want to have your very own sweet sensation, take a look at Private Escort Adelaide.  They can give you your sweetest escape to candy land!

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