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Private Escort Adelaide – Sex Tip: Be a Seductress Lap Dancing For His Pleasure

Looking for a way to turn your man on? Fulfil one of his fantasies – lap dancing! That’s right, men love teasing and seduction. Don’t wait for your romance to become a routine. Re-ignite the passion in your relationship by surprising him with a sexy treat.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a model statuesque. Performing a lap dance is all about the confidence and knowing the right moves to have him beg his way with you. Here are some tips on getting started.

The Preparation

1. Right Music. It’s important to choose the right music – a song you both enjoy. It’s best if you feel comfortable moving to its beat. You can never go wrong with popular songs from the 70’s or 80’s. Prepare three songs to build up sexual tension.

2. Right Atmosphere. Set the mood by creating a sensual atmosphere for what’s about to happen. Perfume the air using scented candles, dim the lights to add a soft glow to your body – it’s more intimate and flattering.

3. Right Look. In choosing the outfit, consider comfort and the rest will follow. Create layers that are easy to remove. Show just a bit of flesh to leave something for his imagination. Last layer should be a sexy bra, G-string and stockings.

The Moves

Your hips represent your sexual abilities. Learn how to use them seductively. Swaying it from side to side, gyrate quickly, swing and thrust – hypnotize his eyes using your hips.

Sensual poses are important part of lap dances. Men are visual creatures; he will absorb every detail of your movement. The same goes with facial expression – go for looks that kill.

Don’t walk – strut. In a lap dance, strutting sexy can enhance your body’s features. You’ll look more confident and irresistible in his eyes.

For an ultimate turn-on, remember to caress and grind. Touch yourself in the most sultry way and add the final touch – grind on his lap until his mouth waters with desire.

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