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Private Escort Adelaide – Positions for Magnitude of Orgasms!

Every man desires to experience orgasmic pleasures, just as much as everyone wishes to be a part of this ever phenomenal “orgasm kingdom.” Indeed, it’s actually a common mindset, which every man and women surely won’t deny.

Apart from the said common outlook, there’s another erotic mission that somehow ignites – a target that’s now ruling the sexual context mainstream; becoming the most favourite topic and most prioritised. What is it? It’s providing the ladies orgasms!

So, I talked to some Private Escort Adelaide with regards to their orgasm experiences; the positions and preferences. Although, each has different notions, still, the idea of igniting their carnal lust was somehow exposed. Here are the top 3 positions they revealed:

Adelaide Escort Girls1. DOGGY Style

“Who let the dogs out?!”

What? This isn’t the page of “Baha Men!” So, don’t be confused. Because this style can surely make you more obsessed than listening to your favourite tunes! (Never mind)

As what the vixens said, this angle is a great way of hitting their G-spot. It gives them the absolute friction and exactly where they want it! Well, let’s admit it! Guys definitely go crazy with this position!

“This is my most favourite! Guys ram his cock into me like every thrust is the last day of our lives. The pleasure keeps my whole body trembling with lust and desire. I love it! Sometimes, they lean over me and touch my boobs. There were also moments where they grip my waist and thump me into the bed. The penetration goes deeper and deeper! “– Lustful Vixen

2. Cowgirl Adventure

“Is this owning a horse and making her ride onto it?”

Certainly not! There’s nothing to do with horses or cows here. Okay? The style was just called  cowgirl because your goddess is on your top, just like riding a horse. Get the picture?

The sex goddesses revealed that this position gives them a variety of unforgettable sensations – letting them take control of the depth and penetration. This is something that gives them a psychological effect of having such authority!

“When I’m on top, I feel so satisfied. I can manage the angle, depth, and tempo. Most of the guys are happy with that. I love being on top, impaling my pussy with his throbbing cock, driving him hard and fast! The pleasure even gets hotter when my fingers are clutching his shoulders and his hands clenching my boobs! When he aggressively squeezes and pinches my nipples… its heaven!” – WildGirl

3. Legs over Shoulders Chill

“Imagine her legs over your shoulders? How?”

Before that, perhaps, you already heard the traditional “missionary position.” Okay, I’ll just assume you do. The missionary is actually the most common style – man on top of the woman.

They say that missionary is outdated and “boring.” And maybe you’re always doing it. So, before you try that one again tonight, please spice it up! Use the “legs over shoulders” – an improvised missionary position where the woman’s legs are over your shoulders! Easy?

“My ultimate favourite! This one proves that I’m really flexible. When guys push me to clip my knees over their shoulders, I feel devoured, wrestled and helpless yet in a pleasurable way! It’s unexplainable…the more guys lean on my thighs, the deeper the attack is, something that keeps my lustful desire roaring and the best of this is when the brazen dick stroke’s my “heaven spot” with each thrust. This makes me tremble with excitement!” – Akirabelle

What if I dare you?

Dude! I know how it feels. So, give it a try! Don’t calm your erection. Give the Adelaide Escort Girls a magnitude of orgasms! Check the galleries.

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